Thousands Gather for the "Sun Over the Placid World" Festival

The sun shone brightly on the Ikh Gazriin Chuluu Nature Reserve, bathing the landscape in golden light. Thousands of people gathered for the “Sun Over the Placid World” Festival, a celebration of Mongolian folk art. On August 11-12, the Festival was held at the amphitheater in the Ikh Gazriin Chuluu Nature Reserve, which attracts visitors with the towering granite peaks of the Ikh Gazriin Chuluu, big rocks in the background.

Co-organized by the Governor's Office of Dundgobi aimag and the Mongolian Cultural Foundation Norovbanzad, the "Sun Over the Placid World" Festival featured a variety of events, including: 

  • A "Grand Honor" concert by artists from the Dundgobi aimag 
  • Two concerts for children: "Once Upon a Time" and "Children of the Sun" 
  • "Melodies of Nomads" performance in the Ger Museum 
  • Taste of Airag (fermented mare milk) and National Sport-Heritage Festivals - promote Mongolian horsemanship, wrestling, archery, and knucklebone shooting cultures
  • A cooking show
  • A photo exhibition by E. Munkhchuluun titled "The Rock Resting in the Steppe" 
  • Visitors’ activities, including horse trekking

The second day of the Festival began with a sunrise welcoming ceremony at the monument dedicated to Legendary N. Norovbanzad, Hero of Labour of Mongolia, People's Artist and Laureate of State Premium, where traditional long-song singers, horsehead fiddlers, and traditional Mongol dancers performed, and when the sun rose over the horizon, the crowd cheered and sang in celebration.  

The officials reported that over 3,500 traditional long-song singers and horsehead fiddlers participated in the Festival.